We are consultants with a passion for blockchain and artificial intelligence who want to help you make successful business implementations

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We provide a range of simple yet technically advanced services.

Our team consists of specialists who want to provide the finest consultancy services within the blockchain and AI spheres.

We are passionate about all that blockchain and AI technologies have to offer. We know that both will be integral to the future and want Kedjja to be a pioneering force in their continual development.

Our executive team consists of experts with up to 25 years of experience in the IT field.

Kedjja is based in Sweden but we offer our services to clients worldwide.


Here are some details about our co-founders:

Carl Liwerstrohle

Co-founder. Entrepreneur.


Founder and CEO of multiple software development companies within the web and mobile technology spheres. 25 years of experience.

Strong experience of implementing cutting edge technologies within large organizations.



Konstantin Chermnykh

Co-founder. Project management and technology expert.


Co-founder of an IT company. Focused on process improvement and consulting within software development. 20 years experience.


Strong experience of managing large and technically complex projects.



In order to flexibly deliver the highest level of quality, our team consists of both employees and contractors.