We are consultants with a passion for blockchain and artificial intelligence who want to help you make successful business implementations

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    Blockchain & Artificial intelligence 

    Kedjja offers a range of disruptive solutions at the intersection of blockchain and artificial intelligence.

    Our primary goal is to help clients leverage their business and elevate it to exciting new levels.

    About Us

    At Kedjja Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, we create, maintain and monitor blockchain and artificial intelligence related products and disruptive solutions at the intersection of blockchain and AI and offering a long-term assistance along with consultancy on related technological and operational matters for our clients worldwide


    We offer disruptive solutions based on both blockchain and AI technologies.


    We offer advice on the strategic engagement of blockchain and AI technology based on an in-depth analysis of your company's profile & portfolio followed-by your ideas/goals of implementation. We will analyze the feasibility of blockchain & AI technology in your company and discuss the various possibilities of optimization

    Software Development

    We offer you the programming of scalable and distributed applications and customized disruptive solutions. We will also support you throughout the process of integration and configuration of blockchain & artificial intelligence technology into your existing company's network

    Why Kedjja?

    There are a number of elements that make the Kedjja methodology unique. While there are many startups and established companies out there who work in either the blockchain or AI spheres, we are notable for our expertise in using these technologies together.  Kedjja seeks to employ blockchain and AI in conjunction with one another, using the incredible assets of each in a cooperative fashion. Our goal is to develop highly disruptive solutions that can provide stellar economic benefits throughout the business world.


    We are employing the exciting potential of these new technologies to help our clients realize their diverse financial goals. While many firms offer only a single approach for their clients, Kedjja focuses on customized solutions that can maximize the value for every individual client. In our process, we aspire to learn about each client’s business, their goals, their challenges and their desired final solutions. At Kedjja, we aim to make blockchain and AI capabilities both more powerful and more user-friendly for the average business.


    Get in touch

    Effective communication is our goal in all aspects of our business and we are available to answer your requests, take meetings, and do production or deliveries at any point of time

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